Hi, I’m Coleman…

Although I’ve started adding content to this page in recent weeks, and have been active on my social media channels, I realized that I have not properly introduced myself to my website visitors.

You can, of course, visit my Who I Am page. But I thought a more complete introduction might be in order.

So here goes….

I am a divorced man.

I am a father of 4 incredible children.

I am a former minister.

I am a former university administrator.

I am a former school teacher.

I am a part-time university professor, teaching mostly online courses.

I am the boyfriend to an incredible lady who loves and supports me no matter what.

And I used to identify as an addict.

I’ll say more in a future post about why I no longer identify as an addict, or former addict to be precise. For now, I’ll simply say that much of the reason for this shift has to do with my changing perspective about what addiction is, and is not, and how it is often framed in our culture. Again, more later, but the disease-based model of addiction is seriously flawed and often keeps individuals from truly breaking free from the addictive/compulsive habits they’ve created.

Some of the addictive/compulsive habits I had created nearly cost me everything. It cost me my marriage of almost 20 years. It damaged my relationship with two of my children.  It cost me in ways I can’t even begin to explain.

As I said in my Who I Am page, “I had battled depression before. It wasn’t pretty. And I knew that I could easily slip back into that if I didn’t take action. So I started search online for help.”

What saved me from plunging again into the inviting darkness of depression? What changed my life in ways I could have never anticipated?

Two things:

Mindfulness practice and understanding how habits work.

I have a lot more to say about both of these, and will in future videos and blogposts.

But it all started the day I made a decision to no longer allow certain attitudes and behaviors in my life. I had to raise my standards for what I expected of myself before I could get about the real work of changing my life.

And that’s where it starts for all of us. I often say “My life changed in a single day” – the day I decided to raise my personal standards and no longer accept negative/unhelpful attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in my life.

Of course, the process of change doesn’t happen all at once – it took me some time to learn the tools and strategies that I now teach my clients, but without that moment of decision to take action, I would have found myself right back where I had started, just like I had so many times.

So, that’s who I am. I guy who nearly ruined his life, but found a way to radically change it instead. And now I’m on a mission to help as many people worldwide as I can. I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to inspiring, coaching/teaching others to improve their lives.



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