Video Book Review: Secular Buddhism

Many of you know that in addition to being a life and recovery coach, I am also an adjunct professor. Having been part of academia for a few years, I wrote some things that you can find on Amazon and various academic journals. In fact, my academic work continues to be cited in current work in the field of religious studies.

When I was actively engaged in academic research, I did lots of book reviews, many of which were published in scholarly journals. Although that I am no longer engaged in that kind of work, I still read – a lot – and I thought I should share what I am reading and what I like with my followers.

So today, I launched my video book review series on my YouTube Channel with a short note about my favorite book on Buddhist philosophy and practice, Secular Buddhism: Eastern Thought for Western Minds by my frind and mentor Noah Rasheta. I am honored to work with Noah as a member of the board of directors for the Foundation for Mindful Living, the non-profit organziation that makes possible the podcast he hosts, which is also called Secular Buddhism.

Watch the video review and if you want, get your copy of Noah’s book on


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