What I Do

DSC01893I’m a Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Author, and Speaker.

I teach tools and strategies that will transform lives.

Learn more about my Coaching Services here.

I’ve learned to use the strategies that I teach to change my own life, so I know they are powerful and work.

But the change and the pace of that change depends entirely upon you.

The tools I teach combine the power of mindfulness with the science of habit change. I put these together with goal setting and routines to create powerful change. 

Here’s what I believe: Our actions create our lives. Those actions are born in our choices. The key to ending compulsive behavior or changing a habit lies in making better decisions, which leads to better actions. Better actions will start creating a better life. 

What’s important is consistency. The actions you take occasionally won’t create the life you want. It’s the actions you repeat consistently that create your life.

My work is to help you identify these actions and the decisions/thoughts/beliefs that produce them, so we can change them.

Check out my coaching services here. If you’re ready to explore how these tools could help you, contact me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation.


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