What I Offer

I offer two different levels of coaching: Public and Private

My PUBLIC COACHING is primarily done through my Blogs, Videos, Facebook, and Twitter. I want to make the principles I’ve learned to change my life as broadly available as possible, so I use these channels to share different thoughts and strategies that have impacted me and that I know can help anyone who truly puts them into practice. Follow me on all these channels to take full advantage of my public coaching.

I also offer PRIVATE 1-1 COACHING both in person in the Dallas area and via video-conferencing worldwide. My basic coaching program is 10 weeks and will focus on helping you overcome negative/compulsive behaviors and patterns that are creating havoc in your life. I teach specific tools to help you gain control and start creating the life you’ve always dreamed of having. If you want to explore this option, contact me today to schedule a free coaching call.

As a part of my public coaching, I also speak an events and conferences on themes of habit change, mindfulness, personal growth, and personal development. Contact me to discuss your event.

I am also honored to be part of the incredible team of coaches at Feed The Right Wolf, one of the world’s best resources for help for sex & porn addiction. The other coaches on our team and I offer free course, forum, videos, and best in class recovery coaching. If this is a problem you, or someone you know, struggles with, check out my free eBook, Unlocking Healthy Sexuality, and get in touch with me so I can help.

I am honored to be able to do this work. Whether you take part in my public coaching or sign up to become a private coaching client, I count it as a privilege to help inspire, motivate, and teach you how you can transform your life.


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